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Our MISSION at Teens Lover Voiceover Initiative is deeply rooted in empowering teenagers to cultivate their unique gift of voice, fostering both personal development and financial independence.

Oluwaseun Shobo's

Journey began at 17 when he recognized the value of his voiceover talent. Earning a modest stipend, he not only contributed significantly to household expenses but also enjoyed an increased pocket money, all thanks to his vocal skills. Today, voiceover work is not just a profession for him; it's a lifelong passion that he's determined to share with young talents reminiscent of his own teenage years.

As the founder of Africa's leading voiceover academy, Oluwaseun initiated the groundbreaking Voiceover Kids Course and Voiceover Teens Course, designed to provide a consistent learning experience for youngsters eager to harness the commercial potential of their voices. These courses represent a unique opportunity for teenagers to not only develop confidence in their voice but also acquire the skills needed to contribute meaningfully to their personal growth and the broader economy.

The Teens Lover Voiceover Initiative, an inspired creation of Voiceover Solutions LLC, encapsulates this dedication to empowering young voices. It is a platform that goes beyond traditional training, offering teenagers a pathway to financial independence through the development of their vocal abilities. Our mission transcends mere education; it is a call to action for teenagers to discover and leverage their voices as a means of personal and financial empowerment, ultimately contributing to the overall economic growth.